17 enero, 2018


♥ Mi Princess Beta Ballyhoo ♥

Hair and Hat: Moon
Horn  Unicorn: Black Bantam
Stick Donut: E.Marie
Jacket: Vincue New Event The Seasons Story
Jeans: Vincue
Shoes: Vale Koer

♥ Me.... Manuel25lpa ♥

Hair And Hat: Burley
HeadBand: Reign
Arrietty: Random Matter
Ears: Swallow
Septum: Cerberus
Backpack: Vale Koer
Jacket: Vale Koer
Pants: Vale Koer
Shoes: Balkanic


Pomeranians: Half Deer New Event The Epiphany
headband on pomeranian dog: Osmia New Event The Epiphany
Background And Posse: Belle Poses New Event Suicide Dollz

➽ el corazón tiene memoria,dame tu mano y siente la mia...yo soy el que guarda los momentos de tu vida

➽ the heart has memory,give me your hand and feel mine...I am the one who keeps the moments of your life

30 diciembre, 2017



Hair: Truth new event Uber
Dress: Dead Dollz new event Uber
Necklace: Mandala new event Uber

♥ me...manuel25lpa ♥

Hair: Yüth
Ears: swallows
Glasses: Sorgo
Septum: Punch
Jacket: Deadwool
Pants: Deadwool

BellePoses - Happy 2O18: event COSMOPOLITAN

with love and health for all Happy New Year 2018

08 diciembre, 2017


♥ My Princess Cute Beta Hallyhoo ♥

Hait and Hat: Wasabi Pills New Event @Arcade
Glasses: R3volt
Swaeter: Fakeicon New Event Tmd
Skirts: Blueberry
Socks: Erratic

♥ Me....Manuel25lpa ♥

Santa Hat: Ecce Bellus
Glasses: R3volt
Ears: Swallows
Choker: Mossu
Lights Addon Rare: Fakeicon New Event Tmd
Swaeter: Fakeicon New Event Tmd
Pants: Vale Koer
Shocks: Dufaux

Antlers: WarBug
 Dead Santa Rare & Dead Elf: Fakeicon New Event Tmd
Pose: Reel Poses - Merry Christmas -

♥ Christmas is cold, white and snowy, but at your side everything is nice and serene ♥
♥ Dar todo a cambio de nada como cuando sale el sol por el horizonte ♥

28 noviembre, 2017


♥ My Special Cute Princess Beta Ballyhoo ♥

Hair: Yüth
Jacket: Maitreya
Pants: Villena

♥ Me... Manuel25lpa ♥

Hair: Yüth
Arrietty: Random Matter
Septum: Random Matter
Choker: Mandala
Piercing Ears: Mandala
Tattoo: Tattoo Mania
Bracelet: Mandala
T-Shirt: Kal Rau
Pants: Villena
Sneakers: Versov

Something Different by your side
A Good Conduct Penetrated by a Blessed Madness

27 noviembre, 2017


My little piece of heart Beta Ballyhoo

Hair: Besom
Choker: Mossu
Top: Pumpkin
Short: Pumpkin
Socks: Vale Koer
Tattoo Body And Face: Bolson
Bat: Caboodle
Small bag Panda: Zenith


Hair: Unorthodox
Glasses: Villena
Ears: Swallow
Septum: Cerberus
Rosary: Delicious
Neckwrap: Drd
Shoes on the neck: Amitomo
Shoulder: Tabou
Tattoo Body And Face: Bolson
Tank: Dufaux
Short: Dufaux
Cuff: Muka
Keyboard: Drd
Sneakers: Deadwool


23 noviembre, 2017


My Princess Beta Ballyhoo

Hair: Entwined
Ears: Swallow
Necklace: Cheeky new event Chapter Four
Cardigan: Gabriel new event Custom9
Dress: Ricielli


Hair and Hat: Burley
Glasses: Villena
Ears: Swallow
Septum: Zoom
Jacket: Deadwool
Shirt: Deadwool
Pants: Deadwool
Tote Bag: Flite

Dog Carlino: Jian
Typer Shut Up: Moon Rabbit

𝓘 𝓵𝓪𝓾𝓰𝓱 ... 𝓫𝒆𝓬𝓪𝓾𝓼𝒆 ... 𝓖𝓸𝓭 𝓶𝓪𝓭𝒆 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝒇𝓸𝓻 𝓶𝒆

13 noviembre, 2017


Hair: Burley
Arrietty: Random Matter
Choker: Mossu
Glasses: Tbf
Piercing: Cerberus
Septum: Cerberus
Ears: Swallow
Arm Band: Noche
Shirt: Dufaux New Event Man Cave
Watch: Vexiin
Cuff: Muka
Underpants: Dufaux New Event Man Cave
Tattoo: Dappa
Man Cozy Accessory: Ieqed